Friday, May 4, 2007

Five Year Anniversary

Today, Christy and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we were having our rehearsal dinner at Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, TX...

I remember the fine meal that Jan Sloan and Co. prepared for us - it is still one of my favorites of all time!

I remember a very laid back bachelor party at Ben's house afterward.

I remember going and getting dressed at the church and greeting our guests as they arrived.

I remember the ceremony - thanks, Pastor Hill!

I remember getting pelted with bird seed by Martha as we left the reception.

I remember going to Lawry's for dinner that evening.

It is hard to do it justice with words, but it was the most special day of my life.

Many things have happened over the last five years, and we've seen both sides of many of the items from our vows. However, I am as sure today as I was then that I am the luckiest man in the world.

We are not having our "official" celebration until tomorrow. Tonight we are going for dinner and seeing Spiderman 3 - really, it was Christy's idea. Tomorrow we are going for a nice dinner at Al Biernat's in Dallas.

Until next time...


ASC said...

Best wishes for a wonderful day! Hard to believe how time flies!

Vicki Gupton said...

I was thinking of the rehearsal and dinner as I was falling asleep Thurs. night. I remember it was your Grandma's 89th. birthday. It doesn't seem possible that 5 years have gone by since we were all together for your wedding. Bill and I went to the Italian restaurant next to the motel on the 4th., after your wedding. I can remember everything like it happened yesterday, and it seems like only yesterday. Time flies. Mom.