Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fire Update II

A trip to Fry's was all that I needed to put Humpty Dumpty (our computer) back together again. A couple of power cords, a keyboard, a co-ax cable, and an ethernet cable and we were back in business again. State Farm can thank me because I went saved them some money with where I went.

The Fry's in South Arlington can be a rather interesting place to go, and today was no exception. I don't know if they were exceptionally busy because of the holiday or what, but I was there for over an hour to retrieve the above mentioned supplies.

We've relocated the computer downstairs to the bedroom that is nearest the kitchen. We needed a spot for it until after all of the work was done upstairs, and we decided to make the move permanent.

Christy has been a bit out of touch for the last week, but look for her to resume regular e-mail and blogging in the very near future.

That's one piece of the puzzle that is done. We expect the contractor to begin work on all of the repairs upstairs on Tuesday.

Until next time...

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Robert said said...

I am glad you only had minor damage to your computer wires and you where able to get what you needed. Hope everything else goes good in getting your up stairs back to to normal.