Monday, May 7, 2007

Entering the Void

With the NFL draft behind us and the Mavericks having gone out with a whimper in the first round, we have entered the time of year in DFW that could be called the "sports desert". It is that period that begins when the Mavs are done and ends with Cowboys training camp. There just isn't much to be excited about between now and then.

But wait, you say, what about baseball? What about the Rangers? Please. Baseball died locally and nationally long ago. There was a bit of a blip on the radar in the late 90's when the Rangers were going to the playoffs (and doing very little), but things have not been good since then. Let's see... The Rangers have been awful. Ticket prices at the ballpark are inversely proportional to the Rangers' performance. The ballpark is one of the single hottest places in DFW to spend a summer evening. It costs more to park than it used to cost to get in to the games. This is a confluence of events that should result in a nightly attendance of zero for every game in Arlington.

So, we are left with plenty of time to ponder other things. What happened to Dirk and the Mavs? How do you win 67 games and then flame out in six games to the eighth seeded Warriors? Is Tony Romo's head right? Will Wade Phillips be able to take the Cowboys to the next level? Is Anthony Spencer as good as the Cowboys and the draft experts think? Luckily, this is only the beginning of the fodder that will keep the local sports world occupied until late July in San Antonio. Here's another one. What was Jerry thinking? He traded Southern California for the Sewer Walk in San Antonio? Did he not see Mark Cuban's shirt during the playoffs last year?

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