Friday, May 25, 2007

Fire Update I

We've had some preliminary discussion on repairs for the damage caused by the fire last week. Our adjuster was out Monday, and since then we've also had a carpet person and a general contractor out. We are looking at having the upstairs and downstairs living rooms painted along with wall and baseboard replacement where the fire was. Then they are going to replace the upstairs carpet. The timing on these things is still somewhat up in the air, but the wheels are turning. Finally, we will have an electrician out to inspect the outlet where we had the computer plugged in.

As for the computer, a couple of the plugs were melted in the fire, and a number of other connecting cables were damaged. I'm going to be going out to get replacements for these before we even know if the computer works or not. That's my big to do for tomorrow.

Other than that, things pretty well back to normal. I'm hopeful that we will have the house back on the market by the middle or end of June.

Until next time...

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