Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Meeting Room Chairs

Whether it is in the training facilities, large meeting rooms at work, or large meeting rooms in a hotel, they all have one thing in common. They are places where people are supposed to spend extended amounts of time, but the chairs that you find are tolerable for about 10-15 minutes before you start to squirm. I have always found this to be somewhat of a paradox. I'm supposed to be in here for hours upon hours, but standing up is often the best choice.

I know that there are two reasons that drive why things are the way that they are. For starters, the people who own these meeting facilities are looking to keep costs down. When you have hundreds (or thousands) of these chairs, even $2 a chair adds up. Then there is the matter of needing chairs that are easy to move, store, and cram together in tight seating arrangements. It would seem that these factors win out over client comfort the vast majority of the time.

Now you know why you see those adds before the movies start about hosting your meeting or event in one of their auditoriums...

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Anonymous said...

You know physical therapists help design great chairs for events like you speak. However, the cost is too great to produce because like you said no one wants to pay for it.

So between meeting chairs and the computer (esp. the laptop). You keep PT's like me in business!

Happy conferencing!

Vicki Gupton said...

Maybe they think uncomfortable chairs will keep people awake for the meeting. Mom.