Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Big Weather in Houston

Our trip down for the PROS Conference ended on an interesting note. Christy will tell you that I would sleep through a nuclear bomb, but not so last night. There was thunder of a high enough order to rouse me from my slumber at 4:30 this morning. It wasn't bad long enough to keep me awake though. I watched the weather from the treadmill before breakfast, and it seems like it there were some pretty bad storms in the area last night. There were additional storms this morning, but there weren't too bad where we were.

My traveling party had a caucus during the morning break, and we decided that we would leave after the 10:15 presentation to try to get out while the getting was good. The early afternoon flights on Southwest weren't delayed, and the storm was supposed to be through the area by 11ish. So at 11:00 we hopped in a cab and away we went.

We actually got on the 12:00 flight to come home, but we didn't get there in time for our bags to make that flight. So we had lunch at Chili's in the lobby while we waited. That was an interesting experience. There were as many food servers on duty as there were customers, but we wound up being waited on by the manager on duty. I've never seen a group of employees in a restaurant just standing around like that before. The next bad sign was the sliver of carrot that was on one of my companion's fork that the manager brought out. Then the fact that we had one coke and one diet coke caused mass confusion. Next, my chicken caesar wrap came out, and there were a lot of things that I didn't expect in it such as tomatoes and american cheese along with the side of salsa. The manager/waiter was confused by that, but then we realized that he had not brought out what I had ordered. The final kicker was the separate checks. Of the four, I was the only credit card so I got out unscathed. Among the remaining three, there was mass chaos as our waitress (yes, the manager finally handed us off) gave two of the others the wrong ticket with the wrong change. This individual seemed deficient in the good ol' three R's - well, we technically only observed two of them...

So after that, we grab our bags about 3:2o and went on our merry ways to rest from the rigors of travel. It was a fun and interesting trip, but it will also be good to return to "normal" life.

Until next time...

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ASC said...

Geez, what is it with you and travel and Houston? I seem to recall a bad experience in the Houston airport...something about the last flight of the day and a brewery tour....AGHHHHH(cue the horror music!) Glad you're home safely!