Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cowboys Draft 2007

So we now have our first draft of the post-Parcells area in the books, and things are very murky. It started with a bang yesterday with wheelin' and dealin' from Jerry with a net result of giving up this year's 3rd and 5th for Cleveland's 1st in 2008. There's a chance that will be a top 5 pick. Add a nice OLB prospect in Anthony Spencer, and we were off to a bang.

However, it seems that someone forgot to tell Jerry and Co. that there were six more rounds in the NFL draft! Let's see, they got an "athlete" who insists that he will be an NFL quarterback. Two project corners, a shaky field goal kicker, and a couple of mediocre OTs. Yikes!

We may be proven wrong, but it looks like Jerry needs to have someone like Bill or Jimmy in the room to avert a total disaster.

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