Monday, April 23, 2007

The Joys of Traveling

So I had a pretty uneventful flight down to Houston yesterday. It was after I walked out of the airport that I began to realize why I am glad to not have to travel on a frequent basis for business.

Thirty minutes in a cab that smells of cheap cigarettes and pipe smoke is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone. At least the cab driver didn't smoke while we were in route.

We had a little over an hour before the opening reception when we arrived at the hotel. I spent about 30 minutes helping the close that I packed recover from being packed in a suitcase and tossed about in two airports and one airplane. My invention idea: a suitcase that prevents wrinkles!

It seems that alarm clocks are becoming more and more sophisticated, and I'm not really sure why this is necessary. It took me about 10 minutes to get the thing set last night and that was with an instruction sheet! The good news is that I got it set correctly and woke up on time. However, it did take me two tries to get it turned off this morning. I'm sure my next door neighbor loved that at 5:15 this morning!

Have you ever experienced the total disorientation at a hotel? For example, I'm lucky that I didn't rip the shower control right off the wall this morning. It looked like one of those that you pull up and rotate to adjust the temperature. I figured out that it was a simple rotation before I caused any damage, though. ;-)

The hotel is pretty nice. The conference is at the Houston Intercontinental Hotel. I made it down to the exercise room at 6:00 this morning - I can't really account for all of the 45 minutes between then and when I woke up. See the previous comment about disorientation at hotels.

The food is pretty good, but it is hard to make healthy choices. There's no shortage of fried food. I went with the tortilla soup, a chicken fajita, and Caesar salad. Last, but certainly not least, the coffee is outstanding!

Until next time...

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