Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazon Vine Review: Chameleon

I'm on a roll! My review of Tim O'Brien's Chameleon is now up for your edification on Amazon. I really enjoyed reviewing this CD because it is something that I would have never come across otherwise. It's not going to be something that I constantly listen to, nor will it receive much radio play. However, if you like old-timey or bluegrass music, it's worth a listen.

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Anonymous said...

As you know, this is my kind of music. I listened to all 16 sound bites, and I like them all. I'll probably buy this album at some point. I was disappointed that they didn't play more of Megna's, just his speaking part. Good review. Mom

Mark Ritchie said...

Tim O'Brien is amazing. I highly recommend his "Fiddlers Green" album. Congratulations on at least STARTING to like him.... :)

I agree about his instrumentation/arranging. Listen to his songs several times with headphones and you will be amazed at how carefully each instrument is woven into the whole.


Philip Heath said...

I figured you might already be familiar with Tim O'Brien. In another time and place we would have probably already had a number of interesting "water cooler" conversations about his fine work.