Monday, January 7, 2008

Law and Order is back

Law and Order, one of the longest running shows in TV history, returned last Wednesday with two new episodes and some cast changes. This was a show that had honestly been in decline for the past few years after the death of Jerry Orbach. Dennis Farina took his spot for a few years, but it was never quite the same. It seemed to me that they were trying for something that was too close to Orbach's longtime Detective Lenny Briscoe.

This season they have fixed this problem by going in a different direction. Ed Green now has a younger partner (relatively to past partners) in Cyrus Lupo. This pairing works much better because it is a new mix rather than trying to recreate that which could not be recreated.

The other major change involves the departure of Fred Thompson who is pursuing the Republican Presidential Nomination. Longtime ADA Jack McCoy slides into the DA position. McCoy was really the only reason to tune in over the last few seasons. However, new ADA Michael Cutler promises to pick up where McCoy left off. Cutler is reminiscent of early McCoy in his fierce courtroom presence and risk taking out of the courtroom.

It is good to see this show take an upswing. I was actually thinking it was time for Dick Wolf and NBC to pull the plug, but I'm glad that they stuck with it and re-energized the show. Check it out this Wednesday.

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