Monday, July 9, 2007

Know Thy Entertainment

I had a post earlier this month about the upcoming movie for The Golden Compass. Mark left a comment that I wanted to make sure everyone else saw:

"So, have you read anything about Pullman (Golden Compass author) and his intentional anti-Christian philosophy of storytelling? You can find stuff all over the internet, but here is just one link."

If you read the link above, it leaves little room for doubt about the author's intentions. However, I find it interesting that he waits until the third book in the trilogy to take on his overt anti-religious position. At that point, you have invested two entire books in what is otherwise a compelling story (both the accounts of others), and it is easy to feel cheated if you stop your investment. The same will be even more the case if you have taken your kids to see the first two movies so be advised and choose carefully.

Children want to identify with the characters in the books they read and shows/movies they watch. Do you want your children to identify with rebelling against "The Authority" - Pullman's figure of God?

Each of us must decide where we draw the line with regard to entertainment for ourselves and our children. We will likely choose different places, but that is OK. While some things are clearly not good (e.g. inciting rebellion against God), not everything is black and white. What's important is that we make conscious decisions about it.

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