Saturday, July 7, 2007

Amarillo By Morning?

Not exactly. I arrived at 2:10 p.m. yesterday. Christy's cousin is getting married at 7:00 this evening, and we are out for the weekend. Actually, Christy has been here since Wednesday. She and her mother have been having some extra "girl time". If you think it sounds expensive, you're probably right! ;-)

We have mostly been spending time with her grandmother (Memaw) since I arrived. She and her husband, Robert, live just south of the western part of town. I've only been through Amarillo once before, and that was while driving to and from Albuquerque. I have to say that you may find someplace that is as flat but probably not flatter.

In Amarillo, the mall is the epicenter of all activity. The girls had been there once before I arrived yesterday. We went back before dinner. Somehow, there was still more to do as they went back a third time after we took her Memaw home! I requested to be dropped at Barnes and Nobel on their third trip. Mind you, we are not talking about the Galleria here. It's about the same size as the malls in Denton or Texarkana. I suppose that's just what women do. Shopping seems to be as much of a bonding exercise as it is anything else.

We did have a good visit with Memaw and Robert after breakfast this morning out at their house. Robert showed us pictures of where his son and family live in Germany. Okey helped Memaw figure out how to access her address book in her new phone. AT&T finally forced her off of their old CDMA network which forced her to get a new phone. Change does not come easy at 85 so she needed a little help. After going for a nice lunch at Texas Roadhouse, we dropped Memaw back at her house for a nap. Christy and Jeri are doing something with their fingernails that takes a really long time and a long time to dry. It will be time to get ready for the wedding soon.

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