Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amazon Roundup

I've got an interesting variety of reviews for your consideration this evening - two CDs and two gadgets. The first CD is the latest from songstress Dido titled Safe Trip Home. It is her third release, but the first since the death of her father in 2006. It takes a different artistic direction, but it is still really good. Check here for the details.

The other CD is one that I took a bit of a flier on when Circuit City was essentially giving away their remaining inventory. I had heard samples of Keane's latest CD Perfect Symmetry, but I wasn't too familiar with their work. As my review shows, I'm glad I didn't pay anywhere near full price for it.

In Gadgetland, I am not always one to go for the latest and greatest. About six months ago our VCR finally kicked the bucket. My first thought was just a simple replacement, but you can't find standalone VCRs anymore that come with a tuner. This is important if you want to do programmed recording or watch one program while recording another. I checked on a DVR, but I didn't like the idea of paying $15 per month in perpetuity. So I opted for a DVD Recorder. At the time, I couldn't find much that met the requirement of having a tuner, and I wound up with a unit from Panasonic. However, as my review shows, it leaves a little to be desired.

For the serious digital artists and/or photographers, the final gadget for consideration is Wacom's Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet. I got this through the Vine program without knowing a lot about the target user base. I don't have any needs that take full advantage of what this tablet can do, but others may find it is exactly what they need. Check here for details.

And there you have it. All the reviews that are fit to print (and maybe some that aren't). ;-)

Until next time...

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