Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blogging on the Road

I'm trying blogging on the go this afternoon. I didn't bring any reading material to Starbucks this afternoon so I thought I'd give this a shot.

Yesterday I was at Target, and I saw something sad. Many people my age had a sock monkey stuffed animal that our mother or someone we knew made for us. While passing the toys, I saw a sock monkey. To me this ranks up there with premade rice krispy treats. Are we not able to do even the simplest things for ourselves anymore? As a kid these things were special because someone close to you made them for you. Perhaps I'm just being old fashioned. What do you think? What other common things are available for sale these days that used to be special because they were homemade?

Until next time...


Christy said...

chocolate milk, PBJ, like you said- rice krispie treats, cookies, cakes, etc.

All were special because they were homemade. Damon doesn't even like the pre-made rice krispie treats. He'll only eat the ones I make at home. . . . interesting. Maybe even today's kids don't think they're all that great, either.

Anonymous said...

No one values home made gifts more than I do. However, if one doesn't have the time or ability to make one, then a thoughtfully chosen gift can convey the same sentiment. I have a theory that the term "gift exchange" is an oxymoron. A gift is just that, a gift and should be valued as such. The home made, or hand made gift is special in that someone invested time and talent, as well as thought for the recipient. I like to buy locally made items at craft fairs, instead of imported gifts. This is too long. Mom