Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update on September Vine Products

My latest review is now up on Amazon for the Bamboo Small Tablet. The results were mixed, but I will save the details for those who want to look on Amazon.

I've started listening to the Augie March CD this morning on my way in to work. I noticed that I had a different perspective than when I've bought CDs in the past. I was listening with more of a critical ear, and starting to formulate what I might say in my review. I think that this is what it must be like to be a music (or other) critic for a living. I think I'll need a few more listens before I can actually draw any conclusions. However, I will be glad to have the review behind me. Then, I can just enjoy listening to the CD. I am grateful to have gotten the chance to listen to something new that I otherwise would not have.

Until next time...

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ASC said...

Hey, maybe this could be the start of a new career? (haha)