Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spam That Predates The Internet

I have had a couple of recent encounters with something that used to be much more prevalent in the world of mass marketing. Do you remember how it used to happen without fail at the mall, the grocery store, or other popular shopping venue that you would return to your vehicle only to find some ridiculous advertisement stuck under your windshield wiper? How was this ever an effective way of advertising?

Honestly, have you ever taken action as a result of these things? All that it inspires in me is displeasure toward the advertiser for the fact that I now have something to throw away. Each of you has probably also succumbed to the moment of laziness where you removed the flier from your own vehicle and stuck it with its kin on the car or truck next to you. I would also think that the owners of businesses would be irritated by this practice as well since these typically wind up on the ground without making it to the trashcan. Have you ever seen the uniform mass of papers blowing around in the parking lot on a windy day?

It seems to me like we should expand anti-spam regulations to include these annoyances too.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one. My best example would have to be this Chinese restaurant. It's a good place and we've eaten there both through home and work. However, one week (M-F) they put their menu on every car in the parking lot 3 (THREE) times!! I know one day I still had the 2nd in my car on the seat when I got the 3rd one.

if they really want this type of advertising to be effective they should have a coupon or gimmick for something right there in the same parking lot. I think 50% off a full service car wash might work on a really dirty car.

The other ad we get dumped on us at work in our parking lot is work out places. There must be 10 different work out places that have the top secret deal of the country. However, when you read the ad it typically equates to 10 cents of the price of a steak.

I'll end my rant. B

Mark Ritchie said...

Can we also give honorable mention to people who litter your vehicle with Christian tracts? One of them got rained on while stuck inside my window frame, and just kinda glued there. To paraphrase your original question, "How was this ever a good testimony for the Lord?"

Philip Heath said...

I was watching a comedian the other night, and the topic of people handing out fliers came up. He said that they should say, "Would you throw this away for me?" Have just recently written this post, it made me laugh a little harder.

Mark, I couldn't agree with you more.