Friday, September 26, 2008

September Vine Leftovers

Yesterday was "leftovers" day for the September Vine items.  Unlike the last couple of months, there wasn't a lot of music to choose from.  So I am going to be well stocked in books as I selected a couple of new ones to read in addition to Sea of Poppies.  The first is a legal procedural called A Cure for Night by Justin Peacock.  I'm hoping it winds up being like a Grisham novel.  The second is probably the more interesting.  It is a suspense novel by James Reese titled The Dracula Dossier.  It is actually about Bram Stoker and Jack the Ripper.  It sounded pretty interesting.  Now all I need is some cold weather, a fire, and a pot of coffee!

Until next time...

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