Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fire Update III

Well, things are slowly coming together in restoring order after the fire. We have had the sheet rock and baseboard replaced where the fire was, and Tuesday-Thursday this past week we had painters out to put fresh paint in the upstairs and downstairs living rooms. We sent Rocket and Kassie to the "doggie hotel" until they were done. They were glad to come home yesterday, and we were glad to have them back. The only thing that remains is replacing the carpet in the upstairs living room and on the stairs themselves. However, they are going to have to order the carpet so it is going to be one to three weeks before they have it to install for us. We are going to go ahead and put the house back on the market with an note that the carpet is on order and will be replaced by the end of this month or early next month. It is good to have most of it behind us and be getting back to normal.

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Vicki Gupton. said...

This is good to know! Mom.